Custom Laser Systems

Our Name Says It All

Our rich blend of optical science and creativity, coupled with real world application knowledge, is geared to harness diverse applications and laboratory skillsets. Our laser technology and optical design experience includes system design, prototype development, process development, and production. No project is too small. For large projects, we work with material handling experts to offer our laser expertise to provide a perfect solution for your large integration project.

Wide Range of Laser Systems

System designs have integrated lasers with fiber optics, robotics, rotary & linear slides, galvometers, and vision systems. These same designs can incorporate many different lasers including: CO2, Fiber, SSDL, frequency-doubled SSDL, Diode or Excimer lasers. Powers range from milliwatts to kilowatts, and projects range from single axis to multi-axis of motion. We will even incorporate your prefered motion controller for your ease of operation. These systems can be used for cutting, welding, ablating, drilling, engraving or marking.

Exceptional Value

Making use of new or refurbished equipment, our practical yet creative designs use off-the-shelf optics to provide you with the most economical solution available. Using Design of Experiments software, we perform feasibility studies to develop system specifications and provide cost savings by eliminating over/under specified designs.

Creative Software

SolidWorks®, Inventor®, and Zemax®

We utilize 3D design software to provide optical and mechanical designs to produce equipment layouts with optical and mechanical specifications. Zemax® optical design and analysis software provides simple to complex optical designs for developing a robust system for your needs.

Equipment Manufacturing

Let us build a laser system customized for your needs.

Contract Manufacturing

A fleet of lasers awaits your contract manufacturing project.

Engineering Services

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