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Minneapolis, April 7, 2014 - Custom Laser, a leading laser integrator and contract manufacturer, has teamed up with Datalogic, and Recognition Products to offer customers unique laser marking solutions. The three companies have networked together to provide customers with the TOTAL solution.

Our joint relationship provides all our customers unique manufacturing support. Custom Laser offers a personal touch with their integration and laser expertise. Recognition Products is a local sales and service company offering over 15 years of sales experience and support for your manufacturing needs. Datalogic, a global supplier of innovative laser marking systems, offers all our customers a total solution for their manufacturing needs. Whether you need CO2, YAG, or fiber laser-based marking systems, we can offer them all.

Custom Laser provides the integration for any application. Our specialty is integration with your production process for welding or drilling-on-the-fly, vision-assisted cutting, or high throughput ablation. If motion or safety is required, we can integrate vision, sensors, robots, pick-and-place, linear slides of motion, safety enclosures, or light curtains. Whatever your production needs require, contact Custom Laser to discuss your application with our engineering staff.

Click here to view Datalogic's full line of laser marking systems, or click on the image below.

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